Long-Overdue Update I

Not that you all would give up hope, being URU fans, but the project (we’d like to assert) is not dead. We are simply taken yet another one of our long and unannounced hiatuses* while we deal with school-related issues and ponder the meaning of our lives. Soon we’ll come to the ultimate realization (as we always do) that the way we can maximize the significances of our existences is by working on the Starry Expanse Project, and when that happens, the project will resume.
* Not hiati; we looked it up.

Also, we’re currently in great need for a character artist, a person with a lot of 3D Studio Max experience and a skill for passing on knowledge, and a texture artist with a particular skill for mapping the danged pictures.

So that’s it from the Starry Expanse… sorry to not bring any earth- or Riven-shattering news, but since you all deserve it for your enduring patience, here’s a pastry of sorts: <insert pie here>.

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  • Jevasi Says:

    Sorry I can’t help with the character artist position, but I’m glad to hear that your still around.
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Merijn Says:

    Great to read you guys are still alive…!
    I check your blog overy other day (on average). Doesn’t that make you guys feel good? (And make me look nearly pathetic in the process…?)
    Could you guys put up an old render,just to satisfy my need for some new images? Just a new angle from an existing and already shown scene would already do… hope to be ble of help within the near future!

  • Merijn Says:

    Having wanted to visit Riven in 3D for quite some time now (read:from the moment uru was born ans came to my knowledge) I have wanted to visit the Sunner’s lagoon in specific. The MagLev ride might be fun & thrilling and all, but the Sunner’s would be even better in an even more interactive environment.
    Therefore I have set myself the goal to learn how to use a freeform modeling tool -Blender in specific since I want to work legal- so I could make that scene, with the intention of expanding that scene to the entire age of Riven. Luckily, then I did a search once more and you guys popped up with this incredible blog! Still I am trying,since I did not see a hint of the Sunners here.
    I continue learning, modelling,texturing,drewling over the existing images of the Lagoon and the available useful other rivealing images…

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