Render XXII

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Team members' usernames are in red.
  • Merijn Says:

    What are the red lines? And are they drawn on the same plane as the grid/map plane?
    Nice to see the MagLevs incorporated 🙂

  • Agenotfound Says:

    stupid question: are you guys gonna use the original displacement maps to make the island relief or are you gonna make custom ones ?

  • cho102997 Says:

    As of now we haven’t found any displacement maps of Jungle Island, so we’re going to have to play it by ear.

    • Agenotfound Says:

      I’m sure you are already aware of that but you can find some displacement map in .ai format in the riven illuminated site.

      Also at the bottom of this page you can see that someone had access to a map for the temple maybe the site owner as kept a copy ?

      I was going to mention the tinselman site but something tells me you already found it : )

  • Merijn Says:

    You’re using the y-axis for height? Odd,why not use the z-axis for that…is that a compatibility choice for the plasma engine by any chance?

    • Merijn Says:

      I withdraw my own question about the use of axes. I just zoomed in and noticed the z-axis is indeed used for height.
      Now I wonder what the village huts look like from up close.
      Also, now that I have zoomed in to take a better look: what does the orange straight line represent? From this angle it seems related to the maglev between Temple and Jungle island, but it doesn’t make ense yet. (Out of habit I just tried rotating the view but ‘hey waddayano’, it seems that doesn’t work on a screenshot!)

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