The Starry Expanse Project not only aims to rebuild Riven but to open the reconstructions to the public. The public consists of many people speaking many languages, so the Starry Expanse Project will be making use of the URU Localization Project‘s user-contributed translations of Riven.

What does that mean? It means YOU can help translate Riven so that others can follow along when playing. 🙂 To get started, just go to the ULP’s website ( and click “Get an Account”. Thanks for helping out! Here’s a bonus screenshot for your trouble.

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  • AaronAKAAtrus Says:

    Weird, just checked ULP, whch linked to this website (or a while now) and found ou this was a new post!

  • Zenoc2 Says:

    Huh, that cursor looks familiar… are you guys, by chance, using Uru’s engine? That would be downright sweet.

    • cho102997 Says:

      We were originally using Plasma, but had to switch to another engine because of limitations in the developer tools available (and in the engine itself). We will, however, support an URU-style navigation mode in addition to other modes.

  • AaronAKAAtrus Says:

    Is there a jumping or 3rd person mode? i don’t think third person is good, but some might like it.

  • holdyourlight Says:

    Consider a full Greek translation WILL be completed by me. It’s the very least I can do to help you guys. Also I have some interesting ideas for some underground places you could include as an Easter Egg, inspired by early Cyan plans. You can always contact me.

    Thank you for your project. Keep up!

  • Bogdahn Says:

    Ill help with ukrainian and russian translations

  • Flo wust Says:

    i could translate it to german…

  • Keman Says:

    This sounds great!

    Will the music be rebuilt too, or are you using the original score? Being a Riven fan and a film composer, I could provide/donate a new soundtrack, if needed. 😀
    Just let me know if you’re interested!

  • svMogwaII Says:

    I think the logo should be remade with the same look, but with a much richer quality.

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