Journal Prototype

Here’s another not-in-game prototype of an element from Riven. This time, it’s Atrus’s journal. Enjoy!

In other news, we just passed the 90% mark on our journey towards our first funding goal. We’re almost there, guys!
Note that we’ll of course continue accepting donations after the first goal is reached, and the more donations we get, the faster we can work. Just some food for thought!

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  • Ahlisendar Says:

    In other news, THAT WAS AWESOME!

  • Trekluver Says:

    That was quite impressive. Just imagine how much better realMyst could have looked with simple things like that. (Not to mention widescreen options…)

  • Trekluver Says:

    And, the light page textureing and staining looked awesome!

  • Elendil Says:

    Just one thing that always bugs me—you are going to have a unique texture for each page, right?

    • Floydman Says:

      It wouldn’t bug me if each page had the same texture, considering that it is real-time, but if they include unique textures I won’t complain.

    • Ahlisendar Says:

      Remember that the original Riven had the same texture for each page.

      • Elendil Says:

        That is what I was remembering. But you only need a few different textures and marks and a quick blend will do the trick.

        • Ahlisendar Says:

          Yes, but it also takes up ten times as much space.

          • Elendil Says:

            I’d guess three or four times, depending on the technique. Compare it to the size of the images used for the text and images on each page, which could each have a unique background there as well. All that’s left is the edges of the pages, if that. But who cares if it was harder? I’d go for the more immersive experience.

          • Trekluver Says:

            Not so; rendered environments take up much less space than pre-rendered ones. That’s why Myst IV was on TWO DVD’s and URU: CC (A much larger, and longer game) was on two CD’s (Which in turn is less space than a DVD).

  • dfuchs Says:

    I chucked my change into the jar… can’t wait to see this in a demonstrable form!

  • Ahlisendar Says:

    Will we be able to turn pages in real time like in the iBooks iPad app and myst 4, or will it be an animation like we saw in the demo (either is great)?

    • Trekluver Says:

      No; at Mysterium they said it would be point and click. This was simply a render.

    • Trekluver Says:

      Ok, I get your question now. Hehe, no clue but my guess is yes. (Thought you were asking if they turned automatically like the render.)

    • cho102997 Says:

      The plan is to have the pages be interactive, if you care to interact with them. Otherwise, just click on them to turn the page automatically. All plans subject to change, of course 🙂 But that’s what we’d like.

      • antfomy Says:

        myst IV did this and that game was pre-rendered!

        This simple video game me even more hope in this project! Some change coming your way…

  • Mystical.Digital Says:

    I would donate but I’m in the middle of my own Unity funding drive right now 😛 Not for Pro, but for things like uScript. I am also planning on putting a blog post up about Starry Expanse soon, so many some of my readers will contribute.

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