Sticks and Ladders

As work steadily progresses on the Jungle Island village, we thought we’d share a very pretty shot of the area.

Sky's the Limit

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  • Mitch Says:

    Seeing this ladder reminded me: are you working to make sure the first-person camera has realistic motions when the player moves around?

    Detailed environments are one thing, but if the player character just glides through them, it will break all the immersion you worked so hard to create.

    So when the player is climbing a ladder, program it so that the camera rises quickly and stops as the player grabs each rung. And make sure that the camera bobs each time it stops.

    • Anthony Says:

      Yes, this. I don’t want to experience gliding motion like in Myst V again. Footstep sounds would also be great!

      • Matt Giuca Says:

        Really? Having played realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, I much preferred the gliding of Myst V. RMME sort of mapped your movements to the shape of the terrain, which resulted in jarring bumps as you walked over steps and other bumps in the ground.

        You would think it would be more realistic, but it just gave me a headache. Gliding feels a lot nicer.

  • Jack Says:

    Looking up at the clouds, I’m reminded of the fact that you had spent a long time creating a cloud system when using Unity. Does that fall by the wayside when moving to Unreal, or are you able to port it over?

    Looks amazing, by the way!

    • raytay286 Says:

      Well, I can’t answer for the team, but those clouds appear to be the standard clouds that come with UDK. Not bad clouds, by any means, but I just thought I’d point that out.

    • Ryan Medeiros Says:

      Actually, the team mentioned somewhere on the dev blog that the clouds were the one thing they couldn’t port over to UDK, and yes, the same post confirmed that they are using the default UDK clouds.

  • John Drake Says:

    Awesome job guys, looking so good and so looking forward to this…

  • Prom361 Says:

    Hi ! It’s very impresive work! thank you for your project! I can not wait to see more 🙂

  • TheCurrierKid Says:

    If this game is still in development when I’m out of college and have a decent job, I 100% plan to pay a monthly, sizable, donation. Please remind me when the time comes (2017). Keep up the good work!

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