Gehn’s Gallows

A few weeks ago we showed you a preview of the counting toy featured in the village schoolhouse. The toy, however, is only a crude, small-scale model of the full-sized gallows, so this week we’d like to share the genuine article!

Used to punish those deemed disloyal to Gehn, the cone-shaped wahrk gallows features prominently in the Jungle Island village basin.

The Wahrk Gallows

The gallows is topped with the skulls of Wahrks (five of them), the most powerful creature in Riven – a symbol both of the power of Gehn, and of the gruesome death awaiting those deemed unworthy.

Five Wahrk Skulls

While we pride ourselves on the accuracy of all of our artwork, the skulls in particular were given extreme attention to detail. Here’s a more detailed look at the model itself:

The Detailed Skull
The Detailed Skull

While the wahrk gallows is not yet fully textured, we look forward to the asset being completed and brought into Unreal within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for further updates soon!

12 Responses to “Gehn’s Gallows”.

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  • Imonobor Says:

    Awesome work guys, keep it up!
    P.S. Is the top a screenshot from the 3D assets cyan gave you? :3

    • Philip Says:

      Nope! All the assets we’ve posted have been re-created from scratch, using in-game screenshots and a map for reference.

      • Imonobor Says:

        Oh, sorry, it looked too pixelated :D
        Guess you’re not into AA yet.
        Keep up the good work guys ;)
        (Btw, it won’t be bad to post a vanilla one for comparison.)

      • Eric Says:

        So why again are you guys not using the 3D assets Cyan gave you…?

        • Daniel Says:

          Did they even have 3D assets? Weren’t they lost?

          • Tommy Smith Says:

            If I recall, they have the textures but not the 3D models themselves, because they were created in Indigo which is very difficult to restore, to the point where it would actually be easier to just remodel.

        • Jack Says:

          A) They’re from old rendering software that’s almost impossible to port to modern programs, and –

          B) They’re still lower quality than what this project is hoping to reach.

  • Anthony Says:

    Love the attention to detail. I for one have a good computer and I’m glad you’re not making any compromises to those who are able to run this game in its full glory!

  • Tony Says:

    How does the polygon count compare to the original?

  • Andross Says:

    Looks great, jungle island is a huge challenge, glad to see its coming along

    By the way, is there any interest in putting the removed paper press from crater island into this game?

  • Eric Says:

    Just wanted to say It’s amazing how much detail you guys have put into this. Really like it.

  • Vincent Says:

    Totally awesome.

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