Back to School

This week, we’re showing off some of the texture work that has been taking place in the schoolhouse! When we demoed this area at Mysterium last year, it was in a fully modeled, but untextured state – now one of our artists, Tim, is working to rectify that!

We haven’t put the new textures into Unreal yet, but in the meantime here are a few renders!

The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse from above


Note that these images are not representative of final assets, there’s still plenty of work to be done here. We’re pretty happy with how they’re coming along, however. You can see more of Tim’s work in last year’s Mysterium demo – he was responsible for the Villager that opens the door when you knock.

Meanwhile, work continues on modeling Gehn’s Office on the 233rd age. As modeling work wraps up on the upper level, Kelly has begun to look at the objects in Gehn’s Bedroom. Here’s her latest object, the nightstand:

Gehn's Night Stand

As soon as we’re happy with the quality and accuracy of the models, texturing can begin. Kelly modeled a bunch of objects for last year’s demo, including the schoolhouse area!

We’ll wrap up with a reminder that we now have a forum! Come by and hang out!

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  • Mozalbete Says:

    I think that projector needs more polygons and tessellation

  • Immortalwind Says:

    Great work guys! I absolutely love different views like that from above. I hope you publish more of these alt renders in the future in HQ.

  • Yali Says:

    Just a quick comment on the textures… Looks great! One thing I noticed is that if you look at the original schoolhouse renders, there’s a tribal/geometric design on the top of each bench which really adds oomph to the environment. I would like to see this added. Thanks! Everything looks stunning.

    • Tim Says:

      Yali, yep! I’m still in the process of working on all the paintings and designs that I’ll overlay over the base textures. I sort of work up from the base almost like you would in real life, laying down the base wood/adobe/etc. first, then start layering on the paint, cracks, and details.

      Thanks for the comment. We definitely strive for as much detail and accuracy as possible :).

  • Nintendo Maniac 64 Says:

    Is it just me or does the lighting in the first image look really good? Like, better than one would expect with rasterization?

    I do know that UnrealEngine 4.5 has raytracing support…

  • Yali Says:

    Never mind, the textures are still WIP. Can’t wait to see the final result! 😀

  • Yali Says:

    Gehn’s desk looks amjazing btw! Hear hear for UE4 lighting!

  • Graham Says:


    Curious if this project would inspire future collaborations between the team in creating original content outside of Cyan’s canon.

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