October Progress

True to our word, we’ve been devoting almost all of our resources here to applying that final layer of polish to 233. While we don’t have that much to announce today, we do have a couple snapshots of some assets that we didn’t quite have ready in time for this year’s Mysterium, now looking much nicer.

The Desk

The Desktop

The new-and-improved floor texture for the cage

New bricks!

The cage lever, no longer a gray checkered mass.

Additionally, we are happy to announce that Vincent, our font artist, has completed the Cyrillic alphabet for our Gehn font. Here’s a page from one of his journals, translated into Russian (thanks to the volunteer translators over at GULP!)


And, finally, a few tidbits that can’t be shared as screenshots. We’ve welcomed a bunch of new people to our team since Mysterium, and are working on updating our Team Roster page accordingly. One of our new members, Michael, has been working pretty much nonstop to convert our code to C++ (we had been using Blueprints), which should make things easier to debug in the future, and help everything run faster in the engine.

Hopefully we’ll get another post up before November, but things are so hectic here you may not here from us before our big 233 deadline. See you then!

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  • Immortalwind Says:

    Nice! This puts some pressure on me, on finally completing the greek translation!

  • LuigiHann Says:

    Think you can put up that “Desktop” screenshot rendered at 1920×1080 for use as a desktop wallpaper? That’d be all too appropriate!

  • Flowerpower Says:

    Wow! Everything looks drop dead gorgeous! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Gorobay Says:

    Wow! These look really good, and nearly like the original. The main difference is that all the colors are off. The first image, for example, looks washed out and sepia-toned.

    The first word of the D’ni sentence is spelled wrong. It should be “kenet”, not “khenet”.

  • Yali Says:

    Yeah the sky in 233 was a fire red/orange. This is more sepia/light brown orange. Hopefully they know this.

  • The green butterfly Says:

    I noticed it too now you mention it! The riples in the water also look a bit big to be realistic. Apart from that, nice work!
    P.S.: is the wine glass going to stay in two parts or will it be fused together?

  • Anthony Says:

    Love the updates, as usual! Fantastic screenshots!

    Just a technical question: will displacement mapping (or bump mapping / tesselation) technologies be applied to the bricks, so they stick out more, without needing to construct in each indiviual piece?

  • Sean Says:

    Looking amazing, especially the materials. The marble reacts to the light just right. Agreed with what is being said about the color of the sky but I’m sure that’s a known issue, along with the errors in the ocean caused by the screen-space reflections, that UE4 defaults to, reflecting things in the foreground.

  • CatInDanger Says:

    Very impressive. I’m very glad that you continue. And russian translation!

  • Kerath Says:

    Greetings from Spain! I love that the project is still alive and it looks just amazing! Please, do not stop 🙂

  • John Drake Says:

    Beautiful work guys, remember though in all your efforts to get it looking ‘beautiful’ that it also needs to look aged, as if it has been there since forever – that was one of the key things about Riven – everything looked ‘Lived in’ and ‘Weathered’. Looking stunning what you have done so far, tremendous amount of work for which we are all very grateful. Thank you 🙂

  • Oliver Says:

    Amazing! The marble texture looks even more convincing than the original. Though of course I agree some aspects ought to look rougher; perhaps the shadows could be darker as well? But it’s absolutely dazzling what you’ve managed to accomplish.

  • Илья Шигин Says:

    I have a feeling that this Russian translation was copied with slight alterations from the pirated version of the game released in 1997. It contains all the same mistakes, it is poorly written in comparison to the original, and a pain to read. It seems the author of the translation doesn’t fully know the game or understand what it is about.

    If any Russian readers can back me up on this it would be great. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Kb7avPlZ8HE/VjTSOGodpgI/AAAAAAAABIE/ZlZ3uJRh-xs/s5000-Ic42/extraPageRUS.jpg

    For example look at the phrase “Завтра я пошлю своих людей туда”, which doesn’t appear in the original text but appears word for word in both texts.

    I’m far from being an expert in this field, but if you want something closer to the original, the text should read:

    На прошлой неделе, наблюдая за состоянием жителей через сферу в смотровой комнате, я заметил одного из туземцев плывущего к маленькому объекту, который по-видимому качался на волнах, закрепленный, недалеко от входа в бухту. Я приказал чтобы объект подняли из воды для осмотра. Однако, несколькими днями позже я с удивлением обнаружил другой объект на том же месте. Похоже, ночью, пропавший объект был таинственным образом заменен на новый. Я давно знал о существовании подобных артефактов на острове, но до сих пор уделял им мало внимания. Завтра я отправлю исследователей для регистрации других подобных объектов.

  • Andross Says:

    Okay, it’s November now! Show us the goods!! Ha ha

  • Indianajones5390 Says:

    Those screenshots look so Awesome!

  • Anthony Says:

    November update?

  • General Nonsense Says:

    good work. I was wondering what you would think if i were to record a play-through when the final product is out?

  • Erik Says:

    At what diameter do you guys estimate gehn’s timepiece if it was to be in the real world ? 3 inches round ?

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