Monthly Update: February 2017

Last month, our art team worked hard on two primary tasks: creating assets for the greybox scenes we presented last year at Mysterium, and camera-matching new ones. Here’s a sneak peek at some examples that have been shared by various members of the team. Remember, all of this work is still ‘in progress’ — and we welcome any comments or questions you may have!

Objects in Gehn's Lab

Some objects you may recognise from Gehn’s lab on Boiler Island. These were created by the latest addition to our art team, Francois Hurtubise!

SuperDome on Map

Shots from the current “camera-match” of Temple Island’s SuperDome™

SuperDome Exterior Camera-Matching

Camera-matching the exterior of the dome. The red and green wireframes shows the work our artists are doing on top of the original Riven images.

Dome Interior Camera-Matching

Camera-matching the interior of the dome. Note the yellow wireframes.

As you can see, there’s lots of important work being done! And it highlights the benefits of the new pipeline we instituted last year — we have different areas in various stages of development, so we can move forward with camera-matching new areas while our artists start filling in more detailed assets in previously-matched ones. Looking forward to sharing more soon!

10 Responses to “Monthly Update: February 2017”.

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  • The Green Butterfly Says:

    That’s amazing! You’re spot on with the wireframes! You guys are moving mountains!

  • John Drake Says:

    Sterling work guys, so pleased that this is still being worked on and producing such amazing results. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Beautiful work. 😉

  • Jennifer Says:

    Looks good ! I cannot wait, keep up the hard work. (:

  • Gorobay Says:

    What is the significance of the various colored regions on the Temple Island map?

    • The Green Butterfly Says:

      I’m not sure, but this my guess: I don’t think you can see the other regions when you’re in one of those regions (the Big Dome is in the way, or you’re underground in the Gate Room). The regions on itself can be made quite easily, but it’s probably very tricky to add the regions together to a perfectly matched Temple Island. The connection between the regions is mostly just one corridor, if there were two or more, it would be much easier to find out how they’re positioned exactly relative of one another.

  • Yali Says:

    Sexy objects. More proof that Riven is the greatest game ever with designs like these.

  • Andross Says:

    This is looking great! How much of the game would you estimate is camera matched now? The HQ assets look fantastic!

  • Gehn_is_Lord Says:

    You guys are doing great work, it’s so beautiful to see this all gradually unfold. Riven is a masterpiece.

  • Hesthep Says:

    Thanks for an update 🙂 I hope to see the final product in not so distant future.

  • jamie marchant Says:

    Well done. 🙂

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