Team Roster

Team Roster
Will Will Kimerer

Will has an amazing talent for low level computer programming stuff… and art too! He’s one of our main modelers and texture artists at the moment, and he’s often surrounded by a torrent of technology.
 Nick Mower Nick Mower

Nick, another spectacular 3D artist, is first and foremost the project’s very own, custom-caught Australian. Armed with a graduate degree in animation, Nick has used his Australianity to fight the various challenges that have reared their collective ugly head, by demonstrating superb and detail-oriented modeling skill in the face of darkness.
Iman Iman Rastegari

A professional multimedia producer, Iman joined the Starry Expanse team to champion the video side of things, both for in-game assets and marketing materials. Since many of these video needs are currently further out in the project’s pipeline, he’s been tackling many of our other media needs, such as promotional content, social media strategy, and a visual overhaul of our website. He’s also restructured our internal task management system, and tries to pitch in wherever else he can.
Matthew Sampson Matthew Sampson

An animator who sails the high seas of awesomeness, Matt Sampson is a wizard. He’s contributed tons to the most painstaking and cleverness-requiring aspects of the project, including meticulously matching terrain and architecture in a 3D view using 2D reference shots, and creating and texturing 54 unique vegetation assets for the game, all of which breathe life into the recreated world. Equipped with Full Sail education, he has also begun the daunting task of rigging and animating the character models.
Devon Fay

Robert Kreps Robert Kreps

Freelance 3D artist by day, methodical gamer by night, Robert is a specialist in hard surface modeling. He usually uses his formal training in the art of games to make shiny overly-complicated robots and guns, but a world of islands and levers were a welcome change of pace.
Kelly Coston Kelly Coston

Kelly is from the Pacific Northwest, where she runs her own graphic arts business. A graduate of the Art Institute of Portland, she brings 3D modeling, texturing, graphic arts, and an endless supply of enthusiasm to the table.
Vincent Holten

Chad Williams

Chad hails from the lands of Dreamworks Animation. There, he is a Technical Director, and he hopes to use his GPU wrangling skills for good and evil here at the Starry Expanse project.
Everett Gunther eedobaba7726 (Everett Gunther)

Everett, a very skilled Blender artist, originally caught the interests of the team with his own “realRiven” project. Since joining the team, he has contributed a large amount to various environments, both as a modeler and a texturer, as well as as an effects artist, having created the design for the current sky system. He hails from Memphis and attends the Savannah College of Art Design.
Photo of Merijn Hijmans Merijn Hijmans

Merijn is our in-house critic. A professional product designer with an emphasis on engineering, he always provides assessment of how we can do things better, more efficiently, or more clearly.
Philip Peterson Philip Peterson

A founder of the Starry Expanse project, Philip started out planning and modeling, but has since switched over to programming and management. A pioneer of new systems, he is always eager to help the project stay equipped with the most effective and elegant use of technology.
Zib Redlektab (Max Batchelder) Zib Redlektab (Max Batchelder)

Zib, a founder of the Starry Expanse Project, was somewhat intimidated by the concept of building a “realRiven” in the beginning. However, having triumphed over this trepidation, he now represents us every year at Mysterium, the Myst convention, as well as serves as the project’s chief spokesperson.
Special Thanks
Ned Batchelder Ned Batchelder

A professional software developer, Ned has been exceedingly helpful in the process of making the age of Riven interactive. He has also been generous enough to offer us many gifts in kind, particularly the use of his server space. He hangs around the coffee machine with us and answers our many programming questions.
OHB (Lewis Johnston) OHB (Lewis Johnston)

An experienced programmer, OHB has been extremely helpful in answering questions and generally helping out with programming. He has also been generous enough to offer us the use of his URU Localization Project to translate Riven into over 60 languages! Working with him is simply peachy.