Render XIV

Render XIV

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  • John Spataro Says:

    Hey I recognize that model! 😛

    Do you plan to use it for your project?


  • Hypsis Says:

    Wow ! I thought the texturing wasn’t up to the modeling level, this proves me wrong ! : D

  • Merijn Says:

    The polycount looks insane (quantity-wise).
    3 machine specs related questions:
    What machine specs do you guys have in mind, concerning the end-user?
    What are the specs of the machines you are testing on?
    What framerate is your goal?

  • Merijn Says:

    So where’s render 13 now? I liked it, even though it might have been a little off as Hypsis mentioned, and the texturing was somewhat dull. 😛
    How did you manage to pull this trick out of your hat so quickly btw? Judging the timestamp it’s been very late night work for you -or it took 17 minutes to spit the image out which is a lot for a real time render thing…All these questions!

  • John Spataro Says:

    It’s 17 seconds off the Blender Render Engine, with raytraced reflections, shadows etc. It’s not being rendered real time. That’s up to them to convert it to. (I’m not a part of this project anymore, I just supplied the model)

    • Merijn Says:

      Ah, I see. I expected it to be the uru-compatible variant since it’s here on the S.E. My bad. Sorry to see such talent as you doesn’t belong to the team anymore. Thanks for sharing!

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