Video I

Riven Telescope from Cho 102997 on Vimeo.

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  • Hypsis Says:

    Does this mean you will be making fly-by videos for the linking books ?

    • cho102997 Says:

      But of course! This was more just because I really liked the way the telescope came out, and wanted to see it rendered from all angles.

  • whilyam Says:

    Here I was hoping it would be the finale collapse animation. Still very nice.

  • John Spataro Says:

    There are double vertices where the telescope and the triangular supports on both sides connect. Notice the flickering there.

    • cho102997 Says:

      Not double geometry, just Blender smoothing acting weird. We’ve since fixed this. Additionally, the number of triangular supports holding up the banister has been corrected since this render.

  • Merijn Says:

    Render XVIII shows a close-up, John Spataro. There you can see that in fact those are not double vertices/there is no overlapping geometry. The flickering is likely to be caused by the distance from the camera to that geometry during the BlenderRender action, so it renders as if the geometry intersects now and then.

  • Hypsis Says:

    Any news or are you guys like us, too busy playing MOULagain ?

  • Merijn Says:

    I hope to see you guys at the Riven Revisited Bevin…
    Under what name can we find you at MO:UL?

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