Beta Again

Well, we kind of hoped that allowing beta signups to go through only for a limited time would raise hype and that people would sign up for beta like, as soon as they could.

Turns out that wasn’t the case. Despite our weirdly gigantic spikes in unique visitor counts each time we posted something containing the word “beta,” we only got around ten beta testing applications.

So! We’ve decided to re-open the beta test signup process until we get more beta signups than we know what to do with (note: this doesn’t mean we won’t be checking for quality in your application). At our previous rate of beta signup, that would’ve happened around year 2121, so let’s hope we get some more signups quicker this time. 😉 Beta is officially open again!

Here is the signup page. If you find out who we are (not that hard) please don’t tell anyone. Thanks!

12 Responses to “Beta Again”.

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  • whilyam Says:

    I signed up but I never got invited. Did you guys get my application?

  • Hypsis aka Agenotfound Says:

    wait, does this mean we have to apply again ?

  • Merijn Says:

    I just wanted to add once more how sweet I think this all is.

  • diafero Says:

    Beta registration does not work. Not only did I have to patch the script to work on Linux 😉 even worse, the server is not available.

  • Merijn Says:

    I am walking in MO:UL with duct tape over my avvie’s mouth. Although none could actually see it (and truthfully I haven’t been there for several weeks) it pains me to not be able to go to Riven from there AND not being able to direct people to here in subtle ways.
    Ofcourse I could get creative in reaching players in private, but since my login doesn’t get beyond the file updating process there’s no use in trying to shout out to players, really.
    Truth be told, Riven has always been ‘pitched’ by my avvie; both in real life and in real time. No one I spoke real time ever believed one can ever enter it from UrU.
    I see it as a challenge to prove otherwise. Surprise the non believers. Humor me. In the mean time testers (and More, much More, I know) are needed; who has a solid suggestion as to how to lure them in in such a away that they seem to have ‘found this place by themselves’?

  • Henrik Says:

    Did You Get My Beta Signup?

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