Render XXV

Render XXIV

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  • Agenotfound Says:

    Your paging code will be very interesting to look at ! ( if our graphic cards do not fry before then : ) – so much details ! )

  • Merijn Says:

    Woohoo! Another sweet teasing view!
    Nice texturing of the rocks…
    So the walking bridge is fully modeled, I gather. Should that not be sprited, when rendered from this distance?

    • cho102997 Says:

      Maybe so, but this isn’t a realistic point of view.

      • Aloys Says:

        Yes, but for such a large and detailed Age you will need to think about performance at some point. 🙂
        Anyway, nice to see you making some progress. This is a great project you have going on here.

      • cho102997 Says:

        We will 😉 it’s just difficult to sprite something when you don’t know what angle from which it will be viewed. We also have yet to texture that bridge, I think.

  • Agenotfound Says:

    I just realized something.. this is render 24, the twitter feed indicate a strong activity,the next render is 25… 25,25,25… the beta is coming out on the 25th render, the defining number of the Dn’i society !

    lame, I know but I wish I could link to Riven now ! 🙁

    • Merijn Says:

      It would be the 2nd power of Five indeed.
      That should count for something.
      I wish I could link to Riven as well. So let’s agree that once on a 25th we’ll meet there…

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