Mysterium Presentation + Video III

As you probably know by now, we publicly unveiled the project to Mysterium. If you were unable to attend Mysterium, you can watch the presentation here:

The presentation slides can be seen here:

And the video I played:


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  • Aloys Says:

    Thanks for those videos; it’s nice to actually see some ingame material.
    That’s a great (albeit difficult) project you have there.

  • Matthew ( Derangedgames ) Says:

    Hey, looks really nice, the layout and controls. A few things that off put me a little bit, im not sure if you are going to correct it so ill just say it. I think you need to work a lot harder when it comes to Textures, especially in the Blender Game engine. Maybe Bake the textures if not use RealTime Light, i just think it would add alot more realism. and i noticed the Texture for the Rock Mountain, not very High Detailed, maybe increase the X & Y size on it, ore create a Variation script that will do this once the play comes near the object.
    and Last is the footbridge, im not sure if its a Rope Bridge, but if it is it would be great to see some Physics Implemented into it.
    Anyway you guys are doing and amazing job with the modeling, and i really like the water!
    Look great!


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