Render XXIX

Render XXIX

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  • Andrew Says:

    So you’re going with creating character models from scratch? Interesting. Personally, I figured that the characer movies could be reused through carefully editing them in, but i guess they’re too low-quality for a modern game like this.

    • cho102997 Says:

      While you’re right about them being too low-quality (we want the game to be fully scalable to theoretically any resolution, so a 640×480 video wouldn’t really serve our purposes), there’s also copyright issues. We are trying to avoid using original elements wherever possible, to avoid (or at least lessen) the probably inevitable copyright problem.

      • Todesangst Says:

        What about music? I think the game would suffer a devastating loss of quality if you didn’t include the original soundtrack. you just can’t beat that ’97 robyn miller score

    • cho102997 Says:

      Of course, there’s also the problem (which I overlooked earlier) that it’s next to impossible to separate the actor from the background of the video. All in all, it’s much more feasible to simply recreate the characters from scratch.

  • AG Says:

    why don’t you use new actors? (/hopes they can get Rand)

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