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  • Zenoc2 Says:

    Interesting. Are you guys mapping the textures from the fly-around onto the models, or are you creating new ones?

  • theraineydaze Says:

    This is so awesome best of luck to you guys and please don’t let this die

  • cho102997 Says:

    Our goal is to not reuse any textures from the original game, so we’ll be finding/making our own for 233. The fly-around is just for reference.

  • mark1986 Says:

    hmmm…nice it looks..if player can get access to that giant antenna..

  • Arne Says:

    You should make a new game NOT a old one.
    It’s all for the cat !

  • AG Says:

    will there be more areas of this age available?

  • Bogdahn Says:

    I agree with Arne!
    The Best way to go is to make big additional content to original Riven story, to make it as a continuation of the story.
    Additional islands, additional people, tools, ending. But include all old stuff (not storyline!) to get evrthg works (all mech). So new people will have to introspect in original story, and all our community of Myst Fans will search for new…

    • cho102997 Says:

      Not entirely sure I understand what you’re saying here. Are you asking us to make new storylines, places, and even new endings for Riven, and not re-create any of the story from the original?

      • Anthony Says:

        It’s going to take the team years (possibly) to recreate Riven as its current state. Wait for that to come out before discussing any possible further exploration details!

  • DJGamer Says:

    I don’t think it would work to not do the original story-a “sequel” would make no sense at all since Riven is (minor spoiler) destroyed at the end of the game (minor because you’re kinda clued into the fact that Riven’s destruction is inevitable from the start of the game)-a “prequel”…could work but I’m not quite sure how exactly.

    It would definitely be a good idea to expand the world a bit-one place that was kinda disappointing not to be able to explore was Tay (I think that’s what it’s called-the Age from Riven’s cover). I have no idea how allowing the player to explore more of the age could be implemented in a meaningful and sensical way but it would still be cool either way.

  • P-K-V Says:

    The ability to explore other areas like Tay and Gehn’s 233rd Age would make cool easter eggs, but I don’t think they should be part of the actual gameplay.

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