We got a request for some Starry Expanse wallpapers last week, and decided that it would be a nice way to celebrate passing the $1000 (now $1200) mark on our journey towards fully-funded-ness. Here are a few, more to follow:

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  • Ahlisendar Says:

    Where have all the updates gone? I NEED UPDATES!

  • Alex Says:

    These look great, thanks!

  • Vincent Says:

    Very nice idea, thank you very much for the gift. You are awesome…

  • 233 Says:

    i was kindah wondering about the level of detail put into the textures, now don’t get me wrong im
    happy as hell at the work you guys are even attempting but will player movement be gained at the cost of detail?

    • cho102997 Says:

      The Unity engine can adjust things like texture resolution, antialiasing, and other factors in order to provide the best gameplay experience for as many machines as possible. If your machine can support them, we have some pretty high-resolution textures in there for you. 🙂

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