As of this morning, we’ve achieved our primary funding goal of $2000! Thank you so much to everybody who’s donated so far, you’ve really made this project a viable possibility. If you haven’t yet donated, please don’t let this deter you, we could always make use of extra funds. The more we have, the faster we can work, in theory. We’ll keep updating the progress bar on the right, until it hits the edge of the page.

In the meantime, we’re working on pulling together a treat for you guys to show our appreciation. We went from 90% to 100% a little faster than we expected, so we don’t have anything quite ready yet. We’ve got something coming, though!

Thanks again, everybody.

Edit: There have been a couple of recent instances of people, for whatever reason, accidentally donating twice. If this happens to you, we’ll fully refund the second donation as soon as we notice it. If we don’t contact you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and point it out.

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  • Ahlisendar Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS STARRY EXPANSE PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jevasi Says:

    Hooray! Nice going Starry expanse folks.

  • John D Says:

    Just Tweeted the great news – well done guys, will still donate this coming payday as promised. Fantastic news – so pleased…

  • Elendil Says:

    Great news! What does this enable you to do now?

  • Vincent Says:

    Let’s go for Unity Pro !

  • Ge Says:


  • Tekluver Says:

    Congrats guys. Glad to see progress is being made.

  • Trekluver Says:

    Congrats guys. Glad to see some progress is being made.

  • Jack Says:

    I’m curious about something: there are many moments in Riven that depend on the fact that the Stranger is completely fixed in place – for instance, when Catherine leaves for the dome to escape the prison age and we don’t follow her. With completely free motion, we could arguably stick close behind her and hop into the dome before it closes with her. The same goes for the little girl randomly appearing and running off on Jungle Island. Puzzle-related moments are even more problematic: if we’re free to move however we want, what’s to stop us from hitting the button outside the gateroom and then running into the chamber before the rotation begins? From stepping on the bridge to the golden dome just as it’s starting to rise into a staircase, thus saving us from having to traverse to the opposite end of the island again? From MUTILATING ourselves in the woodchipper?! I have no doubt that you’ll find solutions to these problems, I’m just curious what ideas you have had. Do you think there will be parts of the game where you’ll just have to lock the player in place temporarily, or will you just create invisible barriers to prevent the character from “cheating”?

    Furthermore, are you going to allow the character to be so free-moving that they could just run off the edge of a walkway and plummet to their death, or will you lock the edges of islands so that the player can’t drown themselves or jump into a fiery chasm?

    Your progress looks AMAZING – my only complaint is that I don’t have the skills to offer my assistance so this thing comes out even sooner! Keep up the fantastic work, and keep sending us those renders!!!

    • cho102997 Says:

      Great questions! While nothing has been conclusively decided at this point regarding movement and cutscenes, we are of the mindset that for certain dramatic and practical effects, we’re going to have to lock the movement of the rig in certain places. For example, if we need to emphasize the importance of a certain scene dramatically (like the little girl in the forest), we would freeze the rig in place. Or, for example, when we need to prevent you from catching the Scribe, we would freeze the rig. You would still be able to look wherever you want, though there’s a chance we will move the camera for you as well, to draw attention to specific things in a cutscene.

      As for the cliffs, there are certain cases where we will (unfortunately) need to provide some invisible barriers. For the greater part of the game, though, you’ll be able to walk wherever you want. Think of how it worked in realMyst. You could certainly explore more, but you still couldn’t swim off of Myst – there were still some barriers.

      • Ahlisendar Says:

        Which reminds me-how do you intend to script the part on jungle island where you’re walking toward the sunners, and whether or not they stay there depends on whethere or not you walk toward them during an animation?

        • cho102997 Says:

          We gotta keep some things secret, don’t we? 😛

        • Floydman Says:

          I always assumed they left during the animation because you were approaching when they were looking. This could easily be added in as follows: When you enter a certain node, the sunners look around, and if you move while they’re looking, they leave. After they stop looking around you can continue getting closer until you enter another node that triggers another similar animation.

  • Nyreal Says:

    I was wondering if this was going to be released for mac, too. If anybody could answer this, I would be grateful.


    • cho102997 Says:

      Yep, Mac and Windows are the primary platforms for the game. If Unity adds support for Linux, we’ll do that to. If we can raise enough money/support for it, we could also do iOS/Android/Xbox 360/PS3/Wii, but don’t count on it 😉

  • realanthony Says:

    Congratulations! Now let’s hope that the 2012 Mysterium presentation doesn’t look like the following:
    “In 2011, we switched to Unity Pro…”
    “More like Unity blow”

    Haha, seriously guys, I’m so happy I think I’m going to take my Whark out to dinner!

  • D'nial Says:

    IT’S OVER TWO THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! [crushes the donation progress bar]

    Ahem… Well done.

  • S'mon Says:

    Seriously, iOS would be awesome!
    Ipad is perfect for this!!!
    But let us leave you focused on your primary goal!!

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