Thank You, Reddit!

Our AMA on Reddit went over spectacularly! Not only did we get over 4000 upvotes and make the default front page (a feat in and of itself), but we also drew in over 13,000 unique visitors to this site, and received nearly $200 in donations. Best of all, we got more than 20 new volunteers! Don’t worry if you haven’t heard back from us yet, we’re just a bit snowed under with these emails. If you sent us an e-mail, we’re working on it, and we should get a reply back to you shortly.

Thank you so much to everybody who participated! And if you didn’t get a chance to ask your question, just leave it as a comment here, on an older post, or send us an email!

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  • Ahlisendar Says:

    Wooooooo! Good job, guys! You deserve it. 😀

  • John Drake Says:

    Well done Chaps (and Chapesses)…

  • Trapez77 Says:

    My suggestion for the camera system is have it so you see still images, where you can click the top of the screen to look up and click right side of the screen to look right etc. exactly like original riven, but have it so you can right click to look around 360 and have the wasd keys to walk freely, this way you can play any way you want without having to change control options. If you want to play like original then you just dont use wasd and dont right click, if you want to play like exile or revalation then right click but dont use wasd, if you want to play advanced mode like uru then use wasd

    • Gorobay Says:

      The Starry Expanse team has said before that they “don’t currently intend on having a Riven-style navigation mode”, but I think it would not be a bad idea. I can imagine playing with static camera nodes just for the higher resolution and weather effects.

      • Anthony09 Says:

        I hope they change their mind, it would be the best way to compare it to the original, im skeptikal about weather and day night cycles, cyan took day night cycles out of realmyst for ipad and it allowed them to improve the lighting and make it more faithful to the original myst, but the control scheme Trapez77 mentioned seems like the perfect solution for all myst fans, im also hoping for stereoscopic 3d

    • dsto Says:

      this sounds like a very good idea

  • ForceOfNature Says:

    Congrats on a great AMA! I felt that it brought a lot of awareness and curiosity to this project and a lot of positive vibes all around

    After reading the AMA all the way through I am that much more exited towards the game coming to fruition!

  • B Says:

    Thanks for the update! I had emailed about volunteering and was afraid it got lost in the pile. I’m looking forward to helping out!

  • Arne Says:

    What is with a new forum ?

  • Victov Says:

    Is it gonna be on steam? 😀

  • Arne Says:

    Black Mesa: A Half-Life 2 Modification

    After many years of patient and development i am happy 🙂 to announce that the Black Mesa Game is ready. It is a Half-Life 2 modification. In a few days you can download the game over steam. It is total free, but one thing you need is a source game from steam after 2007.
    Good luck and happy gaming !

    • Floydman Says:

      My heart just skipped a beat. Thank you for letting us know!

    • Floydman Says:

      Wait, it’s not complete yet:

      “8-10 Hours of single-player gameplay, up to the Lambda Core chapter….

      “Future Plans: Future additions of Xen and BMDM! (Black Mesa Death Match)”

      Still, I’m glad they’re finally releasing SOMETHING.

  • B Says:

    It’s been a few weeks since I emailed to help volunteer and I haven’t heard back. Should I email again?

    • Zib Redlektab Says:

      Hey, sorry about taking so long – this is the busiest time of the year for most of the team, and there are a lot of e-mails to reply to! Don’t worry, we will eventually reply to all of them! 🙂

      • B Says:

        Well I’d be happy to help wade through emails and other project management type stuff! I’m just eager to get started with helping since I have so much free time right now.

  • Arne Says:

    What’s the progress of boiler island. Has it textures yet ?

  • Jack Says:

    Are you planning to support additional control peripherals, such as Microsoft’s Xbox-style controller? I think that would be a great way to maneuver through the world, especially if hooking the game up to a TV – and using the left and right triggers seems like an obvious way to control page-turning!

    • Zib Redlektab Says:

      Yeah, we’d love to support other kinds of peripherals. Just need to look into what’s involved in making that happen. It’s not a definite feature, though – probably wouldn’t be supported until after the main release.

  • Cleigh Says:

    What platforms will Riven be released on?? Just pc or will Mac, or game console downloads be available ??

  • KathAveara Says:

    A question not directly related to the current current work…
    On Jungle Island, at the prison cell above the Wahrk gallows, on the wheel which unlocks the cell, there is some D’ni writing. Any chance I could get a high-resolution look at it?

  • Jack Says:

    Do you guys have anything new to tell us about? Any progress? We’d love to hear some news.

    Also, whenever I want to show off your project to other people, I’m resigned to showing them the video from your previous build without improved clouds, dome, day/night cycles, etc. It would be really great if we could get a high-quality copy of the same general demonstration you provided at Mysterium. Something to show just how impressive your work is.

    On an unrelated note, I thought of an idea when I was watching (and listening to) your Mysterium demonstration, about how some areas where lights are impractical would be lit by the moon, but that the moon would have phases which would negate that. What about adding a fire marble to the player’s inventory? Just put it next to the book(s); when it’s too dark, you could just click on it to “shake” it and the area around you would glow softly as if you were carrying a torch or lantern. I think that would be immensely helpful and make complete sense in the context of the game. The only area where I think this would cause puzzle-related issue is in the Moiety cave, and that unfortunately is a big conflict.

    • Shimmey Says:

      Hey Jack, thanks for your comment.

      The lack of updates from the team bothers us as well, but unfortunately this is a tricky time of year. Most of the team is very busy with exams and/or other study commitments. I hope we’ll be able to make a new development blog or an update soon, but it’s not my decision in the end.

      Your firemarble idea is an elegant solution, although a personal light source would ruin the Moiety caves puzzle as you say, and might also harm the ambience in other areas that depend on mood lighting for atmosphere. We’ll have to think about it.

  • JuniorGenius Says:

    Are there any age restrictions as far as beta testers?

    • cho102997 Says:

      We aren’t sure yet, but probably if you’re under 13 you’ll need a form signed by a parent or guardian. You can enter your email address now, though; the form-signing would happen after we’ve sent out invitations to the beta test.

  • mike Says:

    Can we expect a christmas gift ?

  • industrai Says:

    Any thoughts on Oculus Rift integration?

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