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There's a great deal you should know, but I'm afraid I must continue my writing.

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  • flake100 Says:

    What is this ?

  • Jack Says:

    Wwwhaaaaat am I looking at.

  • Wes D Says:

    Camera locations on Jungle Island?

  • Wes D Says:

    It’s definitely Jungle Island 🙂

    Here’s my rough attempt to line it up with the overhead map:

    • Ben Says:

      That was really amazing.. I just spent about 20 minutes staring at your picture figuring everything out. It suggests that they have a lot more done then they let on? You can see camera nodes all over, even through the underground prison path, and, well perhaps they only matched camera nodes to the path and literally don’t have any terrain work or modelling done at all, but look, there’s even some free floating ones out past the rocks where you see the sunbathing animal! That’s interesting.. why would they do that if they don’t have something modeled there? And what about the blue.. can we assume that is the ladder area model of the village that they showed us in one of the latest screenshots? All very interesting, I never studied that map and although playing the game over and over since I was little, I never really thought of it from a zoomed-out overall perspective like this – where everything is in relation to everything else. It makes me really excited for the project, kind of like having a childhood dream come to life, and you can see things you didn’t even see before, but which were always there… amazing!

  • Zenoc2 Says:

    Camera nodes! Yay! 😀

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