December Update

The weather outside may be frightful, and it may have been a few months since we’ve updated you guys on our doings, but work continues regardless! Here are a few updates on the content we showed you guys last time.

First up, the bushwhacking efforts in the jungle are going well. For those just joining us, most of the work produced by our art team begins as rough blocking geometry, which may not be exactly accurate in terms of shape or detail, but are extremely accurately placed, thanks to the system of camera matching we use (object triangulation using the original game renders).

The colored outlines are our geometry, the background images are original renders from Riven.

Camera Matching I

Camera Matching II


The rest of the art team, meanwhile, continues to work on their projects. 233 continues to shape up – here are a few of the props that have been developed so far:

Gehn's Cannen

The Pedestal

Gehn's Desk

Texturing for these models will begin soon!

Finally, we are working on fleshing out the Jungle Island Basin area that we showed at Mysterium, filling in the gaps of missing objects and textures from Mysterium. Here’s one such object, a fishing net from the village, which has been modeled but not yet placed:

The Fishing Net


Now, bundle up and stay tuned for more updates; we’re heading back into production season!



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  • Cahtz Says:

    Woohoo Progress! Can’t wait to see some more textured models. Thanks for the update!!

  • Eric Says:

    Excited you guys are working on the jungle, that was my favorite area in Riven.

  • Graham Says:


  • Andross Says:

    I notice that some of the objects don’t line up perfectly, is this just so we can view them clearly, or have they not been completed yet? Or is there another reason?

    • zib_redlektab Says:

      There are a number of reasons why objects could be misaligned at this stage. In many cases, we just aren’t finished yet, so some objects are not totally locked down. In other cases, Cyan appears to have cheated and shifted objects around from shot to shot, so we’ll never be able to get a solid lock on it. In those cases, we use our best judgment to figure out which coordinates to trust. Its been working out so far!

  • Anthony Says:

    Hooray for progress!
    Have you seen what the UT3 engine is capable of doing? Look at ‘The vanishing of Ethan Carter’ to see what I mean. I hope the foliage on jungle island is as dense as what’s seen in the game. And everything moves in the wind!
    Why did I bring that game up? Well it has a sort of ‘Myst’ feel to it, and it was created in the UT3 engine. Now, you guys are working with the UT4 engine, so I’m hoping this remake will blow everyone’s socks off!

  • Mozalbete Says:

    Keep in mind that The vanishing of Ethan Carter is made with 3d scanned assets.

    • Anthony Says:

      That’s true, but only for the texture mapping. The animations, blades of grass, lighting – that’s all coming from the engine. But not doubt about it, what has been shown from the demo was mighty impressive already!

  • Nick Says:

    Doing a great job. Can’t wait to play.

  • Pedro Says:

    Incredible work guys! Few things get me as excited as this project. All the best.

  • Flake Says:

    Happy X-mas 🙂

  • Andross Says:

    Any chance of a final Christmas goodie? another random screenshot perhaps?

    By the way, I’ve been wondering, is there a plan to have a node navigation system included in this project as well? ala Myst 5 or RealMYST masterpiece?

  • The green butrerfly Says:

    Yes, a node system would be nice, or even the old way of playing Riven with the images (for people with nostalgia). It would be very easy to remake the images in the 3D-version because the old camera-points-of-view are included in the 3D-version.

  • Rivenese Says:

    Thanks for your job!! Riven is my favorite game.

  • Imonobor Says:

    Awesome works so far guys!
    By the way, does the fact that you are working on the jungle/village island mean that the starting island is done?
    Also, merry Christmas! 🙂

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