What’s in a name?

As those of you who subscribe to the idea of a solar calendar may have noticed, it is currently November. We recently promised you guys that we would have 233 finished by November, and we still intend to make good on that promise. That said, we have decided to allow ourselves some…uh…let’s call it artistic license with the definition of “November”. That is to say, we will have 233, in its final state of readiness (more or less) before the end of November.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of things that have been improved upon since Mysterium, to tide you over until the big reveal.

Gehn’s timepiece animation is much more realistic, and more accurate to the original.

For reference, this is what it looked like at Mysterium this year.

Gehn’s bed now has a high-detail sculpt, replicating the fabric folds and wrinkles of an actual bed.
Bed Sculpt

And Gehn’s desk gets more gorgeous every day, of course.
Desk Beauty Shot

There’s so much more happening here, and all of it is so close to being ready to show you guys. We can hardly wait!

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  • Flake Says:

    Yes 🙂

  • Ywingdriver Says:

    You guys are my heroes! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Andross Says:

    Ah! The old changing the goal posts trick!
    No worries. We’re loving the updates. Looks great!

    • Andross Says:

      Looking forward to seeing the final version of the red ink too. One thing I noticed in a previous image though, is that the marble texture of the table top runs through beneath the gold bands, which makes sense from the way that you would texture it, however, if it were truly inlaid, the marble would presumably not match, because they would be separate pieces of marble. Just an observation.

  • Imonobor Says:

    Would it have a big performance loss if you made the gold and marble on the table reflective? Cuz it would look better and closer to the original that way. Also, stain those metallic objects a bit, they are way too shiny. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see this whole area done (although it nearly is), keep up the good work!

    • Andross Says:

      The gold and marble already is reflective. It’s reflecting the light directly above the table. The surface is obviously not PERFECTLY smooth (you can see this is the way the light reflects), so it’s not going to give a perfect image of the things standing on it. I think what they have looks great!

    • Eric Says:

      I’m going to agree with Imonobor on everything he said. So, in the original, you could definitely see reflections of objects on the table and on other objects, not just reflected light… I really want to be a fan of this project, but honestly I’m a little worried sometimes that it won’t be quite as real looking as the original, and that with the Starry Expanse version out, no one will ever feel the need to go back and work on it some more :-/ And I think it’s for technical reasons too, having to do with them not using processor heavy ray-tracing like in the original game, but explaining ray tracing would also take some time…

      • Andross Says:

        I know what ray tracing is. But why you’re probably right about there being reflections in the original game, you must also remember that there is the light of the setting sun behind those objects, and a lot of what you see is the sun’s shadows. I do agree with you at times, and particularly in the school room, I thought that there were a lot of areas that looked somewhat chincy. But with a few exceptions which I’m confident they’ll correct before the full release, I think that 233 live very much up to the original. And indeed with the aid of the improved colour palate probably exceeds in some areas. Is it perfect? No. But I say give them a bit more of a chance. The game is a LONG way off it’s release yet. And after a few years, when computing power and graphic accelerators have improved, maybe the realtime ray tracing will be good enough to match the pre-rendered of 20 years ago.

      • Vincent Krebs Says:

        I’m worried too but look at how they keep adapting to the latest engines, I think the final version might look even better that Assassin’s Creed Unity…

  • Anthony Says:

    November update!

  • The green butterfly Says:

    It’s nearly December! Show us something sweet! 🙂

  • Andross Says:

    tick tick tick tick tick tick….
    Times running out for November!

  • Andross Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s no longer November pretty much everywhere now!

  • The green butterfly Says:

    It’s nearly halfway December! I would like to see some awesomeness you guys promised us!

  • Flake Says:

    Can we expact a christmas present ?

  • Gorobay Says:

    It’s December 1 by the Julian calendar. You have no excuse now. 🙂

  • Andross Says:

    Come one guys, an update would be good, even if you don’t have anything to show us. Just give us a sign of life!!

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