Mar 26 2015

Je m’appelle Gehn

We are committed to making our game a multilingual experience. One aspect of that push gathering translations of all text and speeches in Riven, and as we have mentioned before, we have partnered with OHB in order to do just that. If you’re interested in helping translate Riven, check out the project page over at GULP.

Another aspect, however, is the actual implementation of those other languages. We’ve shown you guys the custom fonts being built by Vincent, our in-house typographer, before (Atrus, and some of Gehn), but today we’d like to share his efforts towards multilingual support.

The main problem, of course, would be accents and other characters that were not present in the original game. In order to create these, Vincent printed out a sheet of text using our Gehn font, and then drew in the accents by hand. These were then scanned back in, and used as the basis for what is now in the font.


Accents in the Gehn font


This is the first of our fonts to receive this treatment, but the Atrus font will eventually have all of these characters as well.

Jan 22 2015


Well hello there! You may be coming to us from Twitter* — our site’s a bit of a mess right now (sorry about that!), but we may as well use this opportunity to point you in the right direction:

Have at it! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

* A big thank you to Rian Johnson!

Dec 25 2014

Happy holidays!

Oct 17 2013


If you’re interested in Myst, Riven, and good games in general, then you probably should go and check out Cyan’s new game, Obduction! They’re currently raising funds for it over on Kickstarter, and it looks like it contains everything we loved about Riven, and more! Please consider tossing them a few bucks!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter was a success!! Thank you, everyone!

Apr 3 2013

Screen Invasion Interview

Today we have a special surprise for you. We were recently interviewed by Screen Invasion about the project and its direction for the future; you can read (and listen to) the interview there as well as check out some new screenshots!

Mar 23 2013

We’re on Facebook!

As of today, The Starry Expanse Project now has an official page on Facebook. Be sure to express your interest via the thumbs-up button for more updates!

Check it out at

Also, stay tuned for a surprise next week!

Update (2013-03-27): Sorry guys, the surprise has been postponed till next week. We’ll post on Twitter, Facebook, and here when it’s ready, and thanks for following us!

Dec 23 2012

Stay Tuned…


Aug 20 2012

Ask Us Anything: Starting Now!

Now you can “Ask Us Anything” on Reddit! Come join us for a grand old time with your questions and comments about the project!

Aug 3 2012

Mysterium 2012 Recap

Mysterium is still ongoing, but we thought we’d post a brief outline of what we announced during our presentation just a few minutes ago.

First, we showed the gameplay as it stands now. You can watch a condensed walkthrough of that, including our brand-new sky, here (it had to be re-run since the video didn’t go through the first time), or by watching the video below.

You can also watch (or rather, listen to) the first attempt at showing the game (actual presentation starts at 4:07), which didn’t go so well because of streaming issues.

Then, we announced the exciting news that Cyan Worlds, Inc. has agreed to allow us to proceed with our project! We also showed a short video of Boiler Island as it stands now (shown in the video linked to above), and we have just recently added a new post to our dev blog for your enjoyment.

May 21 2012

Chatlog from Online Mysterium

Online Mysterium has come and gone, and I’d say it was pretty successful. The full log of the event can be read here! Any follow-up questions can be posted as comments here, and I (or another member of the team) will do my best to answer them.